Our purpose

The Caltech Data Science Organization is led by a dedicated team of students advised by professors Yaser Abu-Mostafa and Yisong Yue.

We tell stories with data.

Preventing malaria

1st place and $100,000 at the Citadel Data Open, judged by the former Chief of AI at Microsoft and other industry leaders. We created intelligent tools to help policy-makers improve global health.

Fighting fake news

Presented in Congress and featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and interviewed nationally on Fox & Friends. We created a startup to combat fake news with a browser plugin.

Quantum machine learning

Invited talks at a Stanford AI seminar and the Quantum Techniques in Machine Learning conference. We led a collaboration of scientists at DeepMind, Caltech and USC to create new ML for quantum computers.

Reuniting families at the border

Best Deep Learning Hack, Stanford TreeHacks. We reconstructed family faces using generative adversarial networks to help match separated parents and children at the border from textual descriptions.

Our path

Creating a community of data scientists.

We seek to connect, inspire, and support students across Caltech.

Machine learning resources

Student-run workshops, curated collections of papers, and connections to experts in the field.

Industry connections

Opportunities at major tech and finance companies through alumni and recruiters.

Competition preparation

Advice and presentations by winners of international and regional data science competitions and hackathons.

Academic research

Research projects led by Caltech faculty and powered by students of the Caltech Data Science Organization.

Invited speakers

Talks given by leaders across academia and industry, including researchers from Caltech and beyond.

Club projects

Internal presentations and implementations of important papers in the field.

Our team

Alexander Zlokapa

Quantum computing at the Google Quantum AI Lab. 1st place, Citadel Data Open Championship; invited speaker at QTML 2019 (S. Korea) and a Stanford AI seminar; NeurIPS paper; Best ML Hack, Hacktech. LinkedIn, GitHub, personal website.

Thomas Hoffmann
Vice President

Data science intern at Zillow, database developer at SAS, and Kaggle competitions expert. 1st place, Citadel Data Open Championship; 25th place (top 1%), Zillow Prize, Kaggle. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Erich Liang
Board Chairman

Software engineering intern at Facebook, machine learning intern at Bloomberg, data science intern at Versium. Best Deep Learning Hack, Stanford TreeHacks; Best ML Hack, Hacktech; Platinum Level, USACO. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Emma Qian

Intern at Facebook AI Research, member of NASA JPL team for a DARPA challenge. 1st place, Citadel Data Open Championship; award-winning AI project, AT&T SHAPE Hackathon; Lockheed Martin VR Prize, SBHacks. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Hongsen Qin

Software engineering intern at Facebook, computer vision researcher at NASA JPL, robotics researcher at Parasol. 1st place, Citadel Data Open Championship. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Eric Moreno
Board Member

Machine learning and particle physics researcher at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN. EPJC, published; PRD, under review. NeurIPS paper; ACAT paper; USCMS paper. Caltech Convocation Speaker 2019. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Kushal Tirumala
Board Member

Machine learning intern at DeepMind, data science intern at IBM, intern at Apple and SpaceX, deep learning researcher at Caltech. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Mayank Pandey
Board Member

Quantitative finance intern at Citadel, mathematics researcher at Caltech. Two-time recipient of the Morgan Prize for mathematics research; Platinum Level, USACO; two-time USAMO qualifier.

Alex Cui
Board Member

Machine learning intern at Facebook, machine learning intern at Kuna Systems. 1st place, Citadel SoCal Data Open; Best Deep Learning Hack, Stanford TreeHacks; co-creator of Open Mind (ML to fight fake news), presented in international press, Facebook, and Congress. LinkedIn, GitHub.

Albert Tseng
Board Member

Machine learning intern at Facebook and Addepar, teaching assistant of Caltech machine learning class sequence. ICLR, under review; IEEE, published; Best ML Hack, Hacktech; Platinum Level, USACO. LinkedIn.

Eric Han
Board Member

Software engineering intern at Microsoft Azure, research intern at Intel. Interested in the intersection of neuroscience and AI. LinkedIn.